The Bad Touch (Sharkoffs Remix) Bloodhound Gang - FREE DOWNLOAD

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The Bad Touch (Sharkoffs Remix) Bloodhound Gang - FREE DOWNLOAD

Bringing drum & bass to a TRL classic comedic hit? Oh yes, oh yes this is good fun. The energy is right, the remix is effective, and the zebras are enjoying it too. It’s a song that is perfect to spread smirks and smiles through the crowd when it’s dropped midset and those in the know hear the sample.

DnB does not need be all seriousness and great bass, there’s a place for comedy too, so thank you Sharkoffs. We need more fun remixes like this, unexpected and very much appreciated!

As we previously mentioned in January, Sharkoffs is one of those mysterious electronic dance music producers that performs in disguise. We don't know too much else, except that he swims in the waters of Miami and makes some pretty killer electro house music.

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