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deadmau5 Vs. Armin van Buuren: Our Editors Go To WAR

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deadmau5 Vs. Armin van Buuren: Our Editors Go To WAR

Late last night, early this AM,  deadmau5 threw  some shade at Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance on Twitter today.  In  the midst of some technical difficulties, we had two of our genre editors cover the story.  As it happens, one is a dedicated mau5 fan, the other is a card carrying member of #TranceNation.

Since we had both stories come in at the same time we figured we'd run both: the first is from Kirk Williams, our techno editor, who's a fan of deadmau5.  The second is from Hannah Deupree, our trance & hardstyle editor.

Note: please keep in mind this is coverage of a Twitter exchange, not exactly hard hitting news, which should be taken with a grain of salt.  In these instances, writers have leeway as far as showing a little snark or bias, it's all in good fun.

Click through the pages to read them both.

From Kirk Williams-


Some things in life never change. The earth revolves around the sun, the certainities of life are death and taxes, and it's never too long before deadmau5 let's the world know exactly how he feels on anything and everything on twitter.

February it was hardstyle, and now in July it's trance that has drawn the ire of the mau5. We have no confirmed reports as to what exactly incited the criticisms. Possibly trance or ASOT looked at deadmau5 the wrong way or deadmau5 was just in that sort of a mood, lurking for his next victim, but the following ensued...

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But then a glimmer of hope… Could all of this been an elaborate strategy for deadmau5 to give us his own trance tune? Trolling in the name of deadmau5 making some new trance????

Never forget a good troll never stops trolling… So I would not hold my breath on any trance coming out of Toronto from Joel Zimmerman’s studio anytime soon, just some shade and plenty of snark.

The plot does thicken however as Armin Van Buuren did not take the trance bashing lightly and responded with a formidable gauntlet of his own…

As far as we can read, we see no response from deadmau5 to take up Armin’s challenge, but let’s hold out hope that something could be in the works in the backchannels between mau5trap and ASOT. I mean, trance has changed and has become pretty blah.  It's just safe and radio friendly.  Except for maybe Above & Beyond. ------   And here is Hannah Deupree's post-- We opted for a screenshot in the interest of brevity-   We're not exactly sure when the inception of the trolling field mouse took place, or what closet childhood issues ignited the sporadic virtual outbreaks, but it looks like the great hammer of Trance just came down, full force. In his latest efforts to create an uprising on the twitter battlefield, Joel Zimmerman (better known as deadmau5) tried to troll Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance show, while managing tosqueeze in an inappropriate reference to the late Nelson Mandela... Extra rude.       Of course... mau5 has to have the last word. #ByeFelicia

deadmau5 Vs. Armin van Buuren: Our Editors Go To WAR
avb VS mau5

At this point, Zim should seriously consider changing his career to professional Twitter Troll -- since it's pretty obvious he puts out more fire fueling tweets than new music.

Maybe it's time to start accepting applications for the social media babysitter again? That seemed to work for a short period of time.

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The saga continues...

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