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Dee-Brief brings the n00bs up-to-date on EDM

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Dee-brief is coming at you this week with what happened in EDM last week.

This is also dedicated to all the newcomers and as the term is ‘n00b.’ So here’s to all the n00bs.   Looking for the techno song without words?  Well here is a guide to finding it.  It might not be the answer you are looking for, but hey the truth isn't always easy.


Going into the realm of music and production for you all, I have picked out some of my favorites from our top ten lists of all types of electronica that you might not know is actually considered in the EDM genre. Going right into the Top Ten Left Field EDM list:

Kenna- Relations – Love me some Kenna and the song from the drop at :32

Odesza- Sun Models Feat. Madelyn Grant

Little People- Wonderland (Blockhead Remix)

Santos Suarez- If you love the drums, percussion, house and then some Moombahton

Onto last week's top ten house tracks that are hot, hot, hot.  This what real house music is.  And please,  do not think that Justin Beeb's attempt to make house music is what you should be listening to.

Recommended Articles

"For Dance” Chris Groovejey

“Skepparkrans” Jonas Rathsman, French Express

Voting has been open for the top 100 DJs for a couple of weeks now, and with it came a unsurprising dose of internet snark. But, some genius went next level and created a way to vote for the  bottom 100 DJs.  We are not sure how the voting works, but we can't wait to see the results.


If you want to be one of the hip new bedroom DJ's and produce tracks then please, by all means, check these highly recommended music machines.


Let me know how they work out for you.

That's all this week, this post is heavy with Soundcloud and to get your ears wet  and an attempt to keep n00bs and the veterans abreast of what's going on the real world of EDM.  Catch ya next week and keep it real until then!

If you missed last week’s post, have no fear, it's right here.


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