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Dee-Brief On The Latest EDM News July 15th 2014

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Divorces, Weddings, Babies and EDC. Dee-brief dishes on last week's EDM news and most viewed posts.  But first, I would love to Congratulate Ferry Corsten on the new addition to his family. Welcome to the world baby Seb.



Ferry Corsten, #babycorsten

On the other side of the world, theatrics, mimes, carnival rides, bohemia and of course music opens and closes the 2nd official, EDC UK. Turning the famous Milton Keynes Bowl into circus majestics, the team at EDC UK relished in the fact that they lit the sky up with the largest ever-used flame units in all Europe. Wicked footage!

Congrats to Sidney Samson and new bride, Eva Simons. The two had a lovely affair and ceremony in the Netherlands. It was reported that "Eva Simons was dressed in a beautiful bridal gown created by renowned designer Vera Wang (Bloomfeld Amsterdam) and her brand new husband Sidney Samson was dressed in a stylish tailor-made black suit by Rietbergh Westervoort."


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On the other side of marriage, ass rumors flew about David Guetta getting a divorce, Guetta flys the coop and holds the rumors as truth. I reported earlier this year that the two seemed amicable and un-divorced.  The pair really has split. I wish both the best for their family. David Guetta finalizes divorce as Cathy wants half.

Miley Cyrus makes headlines again and now with the Flaming Lips and Moby.  She puts a completely different spin on a trip on the Magic Bus and mind-programming. Pharrell help your girl out, please! Moby, your action role left me um, speechless?


Speaking of a performance that left me speechless, Yoko Ono, I adore your artistic abilities but, “Don’t Worry” at Glastonbury was not your best, let’s say, artistic exhibit.  I appreciate the happy odes that you sang caterwauled but with all due respect,  let’s leave that to your late husband, John Lennon. You slightly resemble my mother in the short hair do and outfit with the sunglasses on and  I do love what you stand for, and am a huge fan, hands down. The fact that you get up there and don't care what others have said and will say props to you, #TeamYoko 好きデス洋子さん♡


Deadmau5 and Armin Twitter exchange, over it. You can all have a piece of the EDM pie. Next.

And in other news, Obama brushes and laughs off a peace offering of weed in Denver.  Not much of EDM news, but who doesn't love a little Obama non-political talk.  But, there you have it folks, the most viewed posts of last week.

Stay tuned for next week’s Dee-brief, check out last week's. And as always, in the ebb and flow of dance music, stay cool, calm and collected!


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