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The Weekly Dee-Brief Gives You The Fireworks & The Top EDM News

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The Weekly Dee-Brief Gives You The Fireworks and News In EDM


Moby takes on the World

Dee-Brief this week with the top EDM news!

Fireworks happened for the 4th and in Belly Up Aspen, Moby, caused some of his own sparks in not just one, but two performances. Anyone that knows a thing or two about dance music, knows that Moby is a recognized firestarter in this genre. And Vice just named him as one of the Greatest American DJs of all time. Vice couldn’t have wrapped up this artist up with a bow better than this quote: “Moby is the reason just about everyone in America over the age of 15 loves dance music. He’s been killing the game since the early 90s and he still puts today’s major acts to shame on festival main-stages built for a different breed of DJ. Moby has also sold over 20 million albums worldwide—a rare feat for anyone, let alone a DJ.”

Hardwell returns to share some of the spotlight by coming to Avicii's defense after Seth Troxler called Avicii a C*nt. Seth Troxler has never been a person to bite his tongue. But if  what Seth said was true about Avicii not speaking to the nurse during his bout in Miami... hmmm Diva much?


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For starters, many of you have probably heard that probably heard that Daft Punk is in production with BBC Worldwide Productions France for an upcoming documentary airing next year. I am super stoked since this duo has always remained mysterious and rarely give out interviews. Will they be masked or unmasked for this documentary? Hopefully, they will bear their souls and ditch the masks. They haven’t done an unmasked human interview since 1995.
How did this Darlin’ lil duo turn into Daft Punk, one might ask? Their demo back before DP was formed can be found on YouTube. 18 Darlin’ represents more of their sound now, the others not so much…to one British reviewer he called it “Daft Punky Trash,” and it seemed to stick.

Festival blues and precautionary tips for the ones that seem to have a little TOO MUCH fun! Please don’t overdo it and ruin it for the ones that are partying responsibly or the police could start shutting it down like they did in Ireland. Albeit, this happened internationally, CBS Boston's reporter surely isn't a poster child confusing and associated EDM with MDMA. I thought for a minute she might even refer to MDNA, I mean Madonna.

Death Grips, an experimental rock and EDM trio/duo has called it finito. Even though a lot of people have no freaking idea who they are and why they are relevant, NIN Trent Reznor knows what's up and takes on Twitter with this response to Death Grip's finale on a napkin. Side note: Death Grips was supposed to be on an upcoming tour with NIN.

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A follow up on last week’s Dee-brief, Beatport has announced their new CEO already, welcome Lloyd Starr, the former COO in the company.

If you missed last week's Dee-Brief, all is not lost.

And as always, in the ebb and flow of dance music, stay classy and unmasked!
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