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Derp! This Boston Reporter Thinks EDM Is A Form Of Ecstasy

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UPDATE #2: Thanks to the new friends over at Mediate, the video is back. Check the Vine above for just the struggle, or watch the whole clip here.

UPDATE:  It looks like CBS Boston has decided to remove the video without comment.  Here is the exact quote of what the reporter said "Part of that education is around the drug Molly. Also called MDMA or EDM".

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Watch as Christina Hager of CBS Boston struggles with the difference between MDMA, Molly, Ecstasy, and EDM.

It's in her report on how Boston Police are planning to beef up patrols at concerts after dozens were hospitalized at an Avicii show last week. The struggle gets real at about the one minute mark.

The YouTube caption also says EMD instead of EDM if you watch it there.

Face palm...

Via: LessThan3

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