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Dreamy Music For Cemeteries, The Album Leaf Plays Hollywood Forever

Dreamy Music For Cemeteries, The Album Leaf Plays Hollywood Forever


Image Credit: Caroline Geys

If you are not familiar with The Album Leaf and you are a fan of electronic music or spaced out grooves from the likes Mum, Sigur Ros, even deadmau5’ new ambient works, you need to check them out.

I’ve been following Jimmy LaValle (aka The Album Leaf) and it’s various iterations/members for the last ten years or so. My first run in was around 2004 when he released “In A Safe Place” on Sub POP and I’ve been hooked ever since on their/his ambient dreamy grooves.

The Album Leaf has just released a new single with Peter Broderick and he has hinted that there is a new album in the works for release sometime in September or October. YES!

Here’s what LaValle had to say about the recent collaboration with Broderick:

"As a fan of Peter's, I asked him to play violin for a song from Perils from the Sea. What he came up with blew me away. His solo work also blew me away so I asked him about making a song together. He came to Los Angeles to record his new record and when he was finished, we met for the first time, ate breakfast, went into my studio and wrote & recorded "Never Held a Baby" in an afternoon."

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The Album Leaf has also just finished a short documentary called “Beyond There” which was directed by Michael Raines and documents the band's first ever tour of China and other parts of Asia. We got a chance to see the doc’s debut before a sold out crowd at the Masonic Lodge at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Filmed during their last international tour, acclaimed indie band The Album Leaf treks across Asia in a final attempt to gain traction in the changing landscape of music distribution. “Beyond There” features live performances, art house style cinematography and an intimate glimpse at the anti-rockstar side of a band on the precipice of change.

The mini doc is exactly what you would expect from The Album Leaf, incredibly artistic, gut-wrenchingly lonely and dabbed with melancholy. Raines, the docs director, really brings the band to life in an unobtrusive way that makes you feel like you were tagging along on tour and actually experiencing all the ups and downs with the band.

A bit of the dogma style applied to the film along with almost still life frames for the sake of beauty just for beauty’s sake. You can’t help but to be moved by it all and in some capacity it leaves you with the sense of metamorphosis and a sense of the shifting zeitgeist that we are all going through right now.

The band gave a stellar performance after the screening and preceded to do what they do best, transport you out of yourself. The visuals and ambient groove these guys can whip up is simply hypnotic in a live setting and it’s why I’ve been a fan since 2004.

It’s nice to know that bands like this are still around in a sea of big festival craziness; sometimes we just need to chill out and think about things.

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Dreamy Music For Cemeteries, The Album Leaf Plays Hollywood Forever


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