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EDM Struggles: How To Find The Techno Song Without Words

Here is a play by play on how to find the "techno song without words."
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EDM Struggles: How To Find The Techno Song Without Words

For many, their first foray EDM culture might begin with a simple Google search – "techno song without words." Welcome, n00b.

Believe it or not, that phrase is one of the more common search terms that brings people to We have a pretty good idea on who that end user is. They are new to EDM, probably went out to a club last night, heard a DJ drop a song they loved, and they need to find it.

But since electronic dance music has a much different cycle than other more traditional genres, it may not be on Spotify or Shazam especially (unless the track is on the more commercial side of EDM). And to make the search even more difficult, that song you’re looking for doesn’t have lyrics. Now what do you do?

The bad news is, finding this "techno song without words" is going to take some time. You can learn who the DJ was and listen to their music. Check out who they work with and if they are on a label. Maybe the song is from there? If it is unreleased, then you may be in a tough spot, but enjoy that you heard it!

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The good news is, this time will quickly turn into a journey where you are discovering more new music than you can possibly consume, meeting people from all walks of life, from all over the world. 

Like anything else, start small. Learning about electronic dance music is a process, especially if you want to do it right. The best way to start learning about dance music is by actively participating in it- that means going out to parties, listening to the music, and enjoying everything the culture has to offer. But remember, if you just discovered EDM today, there is at least a whole 40 years of history before you – you need to learn about that too.

Unfortunately, there is no time machine. Really the only way to learn is to read about the past, listen to the music from over the years, and, most importantly, experience it in the now. Like anything it’s a learning process, but having respect for the legacy of electronic dance music will only help you love all the sub-genres that much more.

Odds are, you’re going to find out that "techno song without words" probably isn’t even techno at all.

Who knew?

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