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EDM Struggles: White DJ Goes Black Face, Calls Himself 'Slave'

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White DJ Goes Black Face

OK EDM culture, it's time for some sensitivity training here. Last month, Porter Robinson dabbled in cultural appropriation with his "Lionhearted" video. Last week, Deorro called the workers of Tomorrowland "fucking faggots". And now, a white DJ in France named Jay Style has painted himself black and called himself "music's slave" as part of a social media strategy for the DJ Mag Top 100 campaign. Wow.

This is the type of shit that is so frustrating to write on, because you really just want to say "you stupid fuck, you should know better by now." Smart thing  for Jay Racist to do here is apologize, admit he is wrong, and then spend a whole lot of time researching what his major malfunction in life is, cause he's blowing it- big time. But nope, he does what most racists "but I'm not racist" do - doubles down and defends his actions.

Here is his defense:

Then he posted this on facebook, which it looks like he has taken down (at least on Facebook), along with the racist photo:

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EDM Struggles: White DJ Goes Black Face, Calls Himself 'Slave' For DJ Mag Top 100 Campaign

Cool story, bro. Oh, and "France has no problem with that part of history?".  The only problem with history here is that Jaycist has no grasp of it.  Slavery was not abolished in French colonies until 1848 - I doubt white French slaves were working in the Carribean.  If your country ever practiced or condoned slavery, I would say you have a problem with it.

Wait, maybe the context of the campaign will explain how a white DJ goes black face, and makes it OK this time. See the photos on the next page for your answer.


EDM Struggles: White DJ Goes Black Face, Calls Himself 'Slave' For DJ Mag Top 100 Campaign

Ok cool. I get now... the campaign is not racist because you're also photographed as a sweaty athlete and a happy clown. Yup - that totally cancels out the whole black face slave reference.

What a fucking joke. Hey Jay Style-- racism is not a good style look.

Remember out there, the struggle is real. Really, really real.

Via: Dazed


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