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Event Review: Les Sins & Giraffage #SKYYSTREAM Boiler Room


Les Sins & Giraffage #SKYYSTREAM Boiler Room Review

Last Thursday, July 17th, at the Boiler Room #SKYYStream San Francisco, if I had to sum it all up in four words - the Boiler Room boiled. For the longest time, I wanted to experience the sweet embrace of the fun streaming space that is the Boiler Room, and finally on that fateful Thursday I did it. All thanks to the Skyy vodka #skyystream, they brought out the big guns for the final Bay Area run of the series with local turntablist talent DJ Teeko, recently Fool’s Gold signed Giraffage, and well established chillwave master and Chromeo collaborator Chaz Bundick with his Les Sins side project.

Knowing not what to expect, and naturally getting a little lost and walking into some random office one street over, I made it into the venue, right on time, but before the vodka began to flow. The venue was true to the random locales that give the Boiler Room its unique flavor, apparently it was in some start-up that had to do with boxes, I think... You will have to forgive me on the exact details, the Skyy vodka was another great headliner for the event, so details like that are a little fuzzy.



DJ Teeko got it all started with his very unique brand of turntablism, his set up involves only one turntable, keyboard, and mixer. He got event going with a solid opening set with his own brand of turntable focused, R’n’B infused dance music. His supporters were a lively, jovial crew who got right behind him, bouncing and cheering when the cameras started rolling; plenty of love in the Bay Area for the local artists!


Giraffage, a local producer gone big time, put down a damn good set, with his signature slower tempo, but always beautiful style. I was fortunate enough to share a few words with Giraffage, overall an amazing guy, and he is on cloud nine with his recent signing with Fool’s Gold. Expect big things, every time I have seen him he gets better and better. Now that he's on a big indie label, the sky is the limit!

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Giraffage tossed some gasoline on the party fire, everyone started getting rowdy and vibing with the Boiler Room aesthetic. Crowded behind the DJ, but a respectful group, and I have to say, I admired what I saw out there out on the dancefloor. It was not your usual hipster dancing fair. There was talent imbued with the groove getting down and more into the party than the fact that they were live streaming to the world. It was just another well curated San Francisco party.


Next up was Les Sins, Toro y Moi gone DJ, and boy did Chaz bring his funked out and chilled out aesthetic to those decks. Chaz was hanging out casually in the crowd before his set, socializing with his friends (he is a Bay Area native), but what I found most interesting, when he stepped up to perform, there was a certain energy, an electricity that took over. You know this man is a true musician, an entertainer, and he knows when to be on in the right ways at the right time.

I could go on and on. I could talk about each individual track and song, break it all down, but there is a certain element of you had to have been there with a boiler room set. What I can say is the #SKYYStream Boiler Room San Francisco series was a major success; both in front of and within the computer screen. It was a party with top talent, and everyone was on board.

I can die a happy man, I boiled in the boiler room. I danced and my friends saw me on screen from across the country. It is the modern hipster American bandstand, and by god it was fun, fun, fun. In closing, if you ever get a chance to groove at the Boiler Room, do not think twice, listen to nike, just do it.


A Big thank you goes out to the lovely and amazingly talented Elena Kulikova who was on hand taking the amazing photos that you have seen in this article! Check out her work, and if you are in the Bay Area, be sure to check out her art show on August 1!

Elena Kulikova

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