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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Niteppl - Bloom Feat. Manics

Niteppl - Bloom (Art)

A Magnetic exclusive premiere we are overjoyed to share! Cool summer vibes bloom in this disco focused and funked out collaboration from Niteppl and Manics. The synth arrangements capture and deliver a refined retro aeshetic, the bass guitar keeps the whole song grooving, and the intriguing, subtle vocals move along with a whisper quality that engages the listener to create a strong sense of intimacy. It is a solid original disco production that certainly sets itself apart from contemporary nu-disco compositions with its strong instrumentation and vocal components.

There is a cinematic flourish to the whole song overall, a sense of movement from point a to point b, a slow blooming of sorts that is very effective; indisputably it is aptly titled. What I love most though, there is a sensation of a summer wind, be it at sunset or sunrise, that just warms you to love the tune. If I have to describe it succinctly, "Bloom" is disco pop with a focus on fun, with a touch of nostalgia. This is the sort of song that is best enjoyed on repeat, or listened to from a vista while watching a sunrise.

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