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This Free Download Is What Happens When Kaskade Collabs With A Fan


  Emerging from the ongoing Soundcloud struggle like a champ, Kaskade (Ryan Raddon) went on his Tumblr today to describe what the term "free music" means to him. In the post he says "the short simple answer is: Free means free as a bird. Fly, little stems, be free. Go make beautiful music without me. Free is really free." The statement is mainly in reference to "Ain't Gotta Lie", a track that Kaskade released a couple weeks back.  He also gave away all the stems of the song for fans to remix- for free.  He goes on to say:

This Free Download Is What Happens When Kaskade Collabs With A Fan

What it comes down to for me is the question: what makes a song? That’s a complicated beast. You probably won’t find the same answer from any two musicians. My answer is: a song is made of lyric and melody. Everything else is a variable. Those are its identity, its soul, its name. So if a person takes my melody and deCarl’s voice then just adds a new beat or baseline, that’s all well and good but that song does not belong to them alone. It’s a remix. And they need to credit that. However, if they take a drum loop, or a vocal snippet, rearranged with their own ideas and add the rest, that’s an original piece of work. This is how it is now. I hear records all the time that sample me…a kick drum here or a baseline there, I’m not mad. Congratulations on making music!

Raddon goes on to tell the story of an "Ain't Gotta Lie" remix he put together with one of his twitter followers who goes by the name of Ted Keyes. Long story short, Keyes sent Kaskade a "Ain't Gotta Lie" vs "Get Down" by Hard Rock Sofa mash up- Kaskade spruces it up and boom they have a collab. That is the beauty of the internet right there. And free music. Thanks Kaskade! Read the full post and grab the download HERE. Follow Kaskade on Facebook | Twitter

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