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Here's Your Chance To Re-Rank The Beatport Top 10

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Here's Your Chance To Re-Rank The Beatport Top 10

Re-Rank The Beatport Top 10!

Ah the infamous Beatport Top 10...  some might say its motto might be "8 songs that sound the same, and two that don't" (or have purchased a marketing package), but we digress.

H0wever you may feel about the legitimacy of the chart, the Beatport charts might provide a decent idea of some trends going on with the scene.  But, that doesn't mean you need to be happy with the rankings.  Now here's the awesome part- you can now re-rank them!

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So have at it.  Hate Hardwell but love Ame?  Homies with Luciana and want to show her some love? Think real house music belongs in the big room? Blasterjaxx all the way? RE-rank the Beatport Top 10 here:

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