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Just Two Canadians... Getting Coffee... [Deadmau5 Coffee Run with Rob Ford]


Two Canadians getting coffee in a very expensive luxury vehicle, that's pretty much it. It is hilarious in its awkwardness and general bizarre collision of worlds, but nothing scandalous or controversial went down. Clearly a desperate public relations move by the world's most notorious and hardest partying mayor (Toronto's Rob Ford), or maybe he is being a nice mayor to a Toronto citizen. It is a comedic win by deadmau5 though.

Deadmau5 Coffee Run with Rob Ford

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Extra large double double and five espressos in one cup were the orders... I will let you deduce who ordered what, these being orders from the Canadian coffee chain Tim Horton's. No crack was smoked but of course the consummate politician Rob was mildly campaigning, and deadmau5 appeared to obey the speed laws. Also, it should be noted, Rob Ford knows Deadmau5 is not a DJ, and demonstrates a basic understanding of the distinction between producer and DJ. He is really winning hearts and mind one electronic music fan at a time.

The whole video they politely dance around Mr. Ford's infamy and political turmoil. It is an amazing goof, a classic warped and weird piece of performance art, if you can even call it that. Big respect to Rob Ford at the 13:24 mark. He knew the deal, paid for the coffee without even being asked... You may not win re-election, but you won the coffee run.

The video's description bears the following warning to stupid people:


don't bother reading the following if you're not stupid:

*stupid disclaimer*

Dear Stupid, this is a coffee run. This does not reflect my political views, or views on anything really... *cep't for maybe my views on Toronto traffic, stupid ass drivers, stupid fuckin potholes, and my caffeine intake or any other stupid shit that comes out of my mouth.

p.s. stop being stupid.

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