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Justin Bieber Experimenting With "Deep House Music"?

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International fuck boi Justin Bieber posted a new track yesterday and some are calling deep house music. Here's what Hypetrack had to say about it:

It's looking like Justin Bieber is experimenting with the music. Over the past few weeks, the teenage sensation has been showcasing an array of 15-second videos of him in the studio recording multiple EDM-type records. Yesterday, he unleashed this latest record that has all the elements of a deep house cut. A bit different than what the "Beliebers" are used to from the Canadian bad-boy, but we trust he'll make you a Belieber with this one.

As if this blurb wasn't funny enough ("EDM Type", "Bad Boy", "deep house" "make you a belieber", "Justin Bieber"). Then comments come in for the lulz:

1. Major Troll

michael logan • 2 hours ago

Justin Bieber Expirimenting With "Deep House Music"

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3. And this guy just won the internet for the day:

Justin Bieber Expirimenting With "Deep House Music"

All funny guy aside... don't let this trip you up. Who cares if Justin Bieber is trying to make house music? Remember "Poseurs always pose". He'll never, ever ever get it. He doesn't understand the culture, and will never be a part of the vibe that is so critical for real house to happen. True schoolers know what I mean.

Judging by the track preview, it's just some cheesy knock-off that any one who really loves house can spot from a mile away. It's not POLO... more like YOLO... and I'd rather stay dipped.

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