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Lights Down Low SF Presents Phil Kieran


With a reputation as one of the finest club DJs in the World, Phil Kieran is guaranteed to make Monarch the best club in San Francisco with Lights Down Low SF on July 25th.

“It's not important you know, the past, there's some I'm proud of, yeah, but a lot of them, really, when I hear them I think they are just a lesson in must try harder. What's important is the next one, trying to make that perfect tune. That's what drives me on." - Phil Kieran

When people think Phil Kieran, you generally think of techno, but his releases are diverse, and his sound is unique, yet you know a Phil Kieran track when you hear it. The man is in the constant noble pursuit of the perfect tune, and in this search for excellence, in his live performances and dj sets, he takes you on an adventure, one selection at a time. I myself experienced him at HARD Summer last year, and to put it succinctly, he got it started right.

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Now, if you have been to a Lights Down Low show before, you know it’s going to be a party, combine this with Phil Kieran’s sound and breadth, and I am not sure if the structural integrity of the Monarch will remain intact… But I’m pretty sure it will still be standing, just the roof is going to be ripped right off once Phil goes in…

Better get your tickets today and start resting up come Friday July 25th for Lights Down Low SF presents Phil Kieran you’re going to be dancing your face off.

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