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How to Lose Friends & Alienate People - Mimosa Edition


First off, as we always say... The Struggle is very real. Over the weekend, a small violent tantrum came about when at the Mystic Music Festival Mimosa and Downlink were supposed to transition sets. Confusion ensued, a grey goose bottle was poured, and a Mimosa was tackled by security to the floor.

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Naturally since all of this transpired apologies have been issued, but social media being a real time outlet for expression, barbs flew from Mimosa, and professionalism emanated from the seasoned veteran Downlink.

Mimosa has since cooled and apologized (see below) for his wildly inappropriate behavior. Let this be a lesson to everyone that every job has it stresses, and the key to success is doing the best to deal with all that stress with style and grace. Downlink 1, Mimosa 0... But this isn't a boxing match, each can learn from the other, so let us hope the PLUR will prevail.

Thanks to @BlogSnob for the screen capture of the unsurprisingly deleted tweet.

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