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Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: Sebastian Mullaert

Mulleart Podcast

While the world renowned Swedish minimal duo Minilogue is on a hopefully brief hiatus, the half known as Sebastian Mullaert is not sitting idly. We at Magnetic are lucky and proud to share with you a guest podcast from Sebastian that is a beautiful and definitively minimal mix.

In the second half of this year, Sebastian will perform live with his latest solo works, music that will be released on his new vinyl only label Wa Wu We. These performances are going to be unique with Mullaert developing a completely new live setup, exhibiting his latest solo productions along with free-spirited improvisations. Sebastian Mullaert is not just an artist to listen to in 2014, he’s a must see live act if you get the chance.

Now, sit back, open your mind, relax your soul, and let Sebastian Mullaert take you on a minimal journey through a universe lush with creativity and wonder.

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Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: Sebastian Mullaert by Magnetic Magazine on Mixcloud

Before forming Minilogue, and pursuing his current solo career, Sebastian Mullaert trained as a classical musician, becoming involved with teaching before forming a band at 18 and beginning his experimentation with contemporary styles.

In 1996 Sebastian and Marcus Henriksson, from opposing backgrounds, came together to collaborate and finally form the animalistic music concept of Minilogue, a pursuit without any concern for the boundaries of genre.

Buy Sebastian's latest EP, Chant De Paris, on Beatport ASAP!

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