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A Moment with MANIK


LA by way of NY producer, MANIK is a master of two very different musical worlds. Be it indie pop or deep house, he’s going to get you moving. He’s released on some of the most respected underground and major labels such as Ovum, Black Butter, Anjunadeep and Hot Creations, and he has a new one coming in July via Toolroom.

Fresh off of a recent trip to Europe, we had a chance to check in with MANIK following a “tougher” poolside set at Splash House in Palm Springs. How he divides his talents between solo productions and indie pop band, Shadow Lanes, we'll never know, but it's clear the dude handles it ever so well.

Before you get into the questions, check out his amazing RINSE.FM Guest Mix for Shadow Child and let this be the soundtrack for the interview, it pairs quite nicely.

How was your recent performance at Splash House, was it a summery poolside set?

It was awesome. Had such a good time. Love driving out to the desert and spending the weekend there. I played a bit tougher than I would normally for a poolside, but I wanted to jack it a bit. Overall though, I played my vocals and danced around :)

How is everything going with your new band Shadow Lanes?

It's going well. Really excited for people to hear and see our debut music video for "Sea And Back". We have a few more singles coming after this one.

Shadow Lanes’s upcoming debut single “Sea and Back” is a beautiful piece of summery indie pop, how did that song come together?

Thanks a lot. I am really glad you think that. We actually wrote the music for it almost 2 years ago, when Shadow Lanes the project first started. Touring picked up for me, so we never got a chance to finish it until a few months ago. Our friends Eli & Fur provided the vocals and it fit so well.

Will there be a full Shadow Lanes EP or album in the future?

Yeah, we plan on it. We have one or two more songs ready to roll for our debut EP which will trickle out soon after this single. As for album, we totally plan on it.

Is this new project, Shadow Lanes going to influence the MANIK sound or visa versa?

I think it naturally will in many ways. When we first started it in 2012, and we were recording music together, it definitely made its mark into my house music- didn't even mean for it to happen.

These sort of things creep into your mind without you knowing it. That's part of the Art making process.

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How would you describe the MANIK sound currently?

House music, deep and bass oriented. Classic a bit too. I have always sort of had this flavor.
And sometimes I do play a bit more summery too. Anything that hits me I will play for the most part.

Are there any upcoming MANIK releases for 2014 you might be able to give us a heads up on?

Yeah I have a remix coming mid July on Toolroom- its for this vocal house tune. I also have singles coming this summer on Culprit and Ovum. Two underground house labels I work with often.

What is your position on genre? Is it something you are concerned with in the production process?

Not really. I have always sort of just done my own thing. I find people are attached to you because of who you are. In other words, if I am pumping out house music and disco sometimes, or I might also be making indie pop with my band, people and fans will respect that.

Who are some of your inspirations?

Matthew Dear, Pharrell Williams, Michael Jordan, Mike Judge, whoever invented pizza.

Are there any notable collaborations coming up?

I have a few but I can't actually speak on it! Kind of cliche but its true.

If you could collaborate with any deceased musician, who would you pick and why?

I would probably pick Cobain or Beethoven. Polar opposites yet so similar.

Where do you see yourself in three years?

I want to be producing for others and also making music for film and things of that nature. I want to get into the studio with more singers and vocalists and musicians and make beats for them. I also would love to open a deli and possibly a label if need be.

Who are you listening to currently?

Chet Faker, Toro Y Moi, Kendrick [Lamar].

What are your top five favorite cities to play and why?

Berlin, London, LA, San Diego, and NYC. These are my five favorite cities in the world and I usually end up having the best parties for various reasons. Most of it has to do with I feel at home the most in these five.

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