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Music Video Feature: Munk "Happiness Juice", Exploited Records


Munk "Happiness Juice", Exploited Records

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Colorful and subtly comedic, sexually charged, and groove approved, Munk has a discofunked out hit with 'Happiness Juice'. Its retro aesthetic inspires comparisons to Napoleon Dynamite’s cinematography, very effective. I dig the Benny Benassi Satisfaction-esque treatment of the food, juice and models. This music video may be minimal, but it’s got a whole bunch going on with sexual innuendo; guaranteed to leave a smile on your face.

This is Munk’s second release on Exploited, collaborating with Mona Lazette as vocalist, he delivers a perfect summer hit with ‘Happiness Juice’ infused with soul, 80’s pop and indie disco. Jade Mortimer directed the video, and really hit the mark. I love the song, I love the video. Frankly, I love it all, and I’ll keep loving it all again and again until summer is gone, and so should you!

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