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New EDM Chart - Top 10 DnB

Only a day late this week... I'm getting better! As always, there's a good mix of new and old this week. An expanding music library is one of the main reasons my love for the genre has lasted as long as it has. With every one of these tracks, you get more and more recommendations and tastes of different styles.

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1. Sauniks x Zulishanti, Come Back feat. Lokka Vox
First up is the return of Sauniks, bringing with him Zulishanti and vocalist Lokka Vox. It's a haunting liquid tune with some great melodic elements and stunning sound design.

2. Evol Intent, Under The Radar
Evol Intent is poised to make a strong comeback. Since their recent collab on Noisia's new EP, this new track is a wonderful blend of some more ragga inspired genres and proves to be some of their best work in recent time.

3. Jillionaire & Salvatore Ganacci, Fresh feat. Sanjin (Rene LaVice Remix)
Rene LaVice has been a huge presence in DnB for a long time but has only recently been getting strong recognition outside of the genre. This remix 'Fresh' will definitely help to push his sound forward and out into the limelight.

4. Black Sun Empire & Noisia, Hideous (Raw Theory Remix)
Black Sun Empire. Noisia. Raw Theory. I mean... do I really have to say anything else?

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5. DJ Fresh, Flashlight feat. Ellie Goulding
After the oddity that was 'Dibby Dibby Sound', DJ Fresh makes his move back to DnB with some help from EDM's favorite vocal woman Ellie Goulding. There is still a clear forward-thinking DnB sound present in the track. I feel like DJ Fresh is definitely trying to break out of the mold, and I appreciate the effort.

6. Fox Stevenson, All In
I absolutely love everything Fox Stevenson does. From putting his own incredible voice in all of his tracks, to basically revitalizing the "happy dnb" sound, all of his productions are spot on.

7. Bluescreens, Crack It
The last time I featured Bluescreens was in week 6 and they're back with a vengeance. Heavy neuro, heavy bass and all in this tightly packed mix.

8. Obsidia, Unity
Epic. Powerful. Heavy. All words that I would use to describe this track from Obsidia.

9. EH!DE & Funk4Mation, Push Dem Up (Nasty Attack Remix)
I love EH!DE and what he's doing for dubstep, but oh my god Nasty Attack just hit a homerun with this remix. Words escape me as I try to describe this. It's a pulse-pounding ride from start to finish.

10. Venemy, Let Go feat. Alexandra (Legion Remix)
Venemy is rising in the melodic dubstep scene, but Legion here just completely overhauled the track and transformed it into something that any UK producer would be proud of. Seriously, this sounds like something Danny Byrd could have made, it's awesome.

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