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New EDM - Top Drum & Bass Releases

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1. Slang Banger, Labyrinth
First up is a heavy jungle tune from RAM Records and Slang Banger. The futuristic stabs and the the almost Doctor P-esque synth arpeggios give this track a more modern feel and take away a lot of the boring repetition of a typical jungle tune.

2. Varien, Valkyrie feat. Laura Brehm
Varien has been a long-time favorite of mine and now that he's teamed up with Laura Brehm, I think I love him even more. The metal-infused drumstep tune has so much power and energy, I love it. I only wish it was a little longer; it almost seems like it isn't quite finished.

3. Eric Prydz, Liberate (Matrix & Futurebound Remix)
Matrix & Futurebound remix the one and only Eric Prydz and come out with this phenomenally chilled out liquid tune. The duo never fails to bring out a considerable amount of emotion in their tracks and this one is no different.

4. Bassnectar & The Upbeats, Gnar
Bassnectar's new album was chocked full of goodies, but this collab with The Upbeats obviously caught my eye. The intro is neuro enough but the main body has an original rhythm that I haven't heard too often before and just jams.

5. Ed Sheeran, Sing (Wilkinson Remix)
The UK's vocalist boy wonder is remixed by my man Wilkinson and the two go together like pancakes and syrup. There's a lot of background, a lot of sound to go through in this track that keeps you interested listen after listen.

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6. Aloysius, Turn To Page 3
Some unknown music from Aloysius. This liquid upbeat tune is so wonderfully composed. The sound design is spot on and the synth work is nothing short of magical. I would definitely be on the lookout for what this kid is gonna produce next. Download for free HERE.

7. Mashur & Kevlar, Alone (I AM ROBOT Flip)
The strings and jungle beat in the intro almost made me go nuts. The bassline comes in and I'm just ready to rage. And then that main bass synth rolls in at the drop and I just hit the floor. Great sound design, great originality, huge tune. FREE DOWNLOAD.

8. Savant, Survive (Rootkit Remix)
I haven't been the biggest fan of Savant lately but Rootkit has done nothing but impress me time after time. The magical arpeggios and the staccato piano notes just make this track so much more than the original. Also, this remix was made in only 12 hours. Whaaaaat?

9. Mencel, I Do
Definitely not the typical DnB you hear, but that's why I love it. The horns and slight chimes in the intro build up the suspense to the considerably wonderful drop. The liquid plucked guitar is sublime, the track as a whole is well-composed and sounds as if it was fully thought out. This is a complete track.

10. Stonebank, Holding On to Sound feat. Concept
Stonebank is definitely not someone I would expect to see on this list, yet here he is. Producers breaking out of their mold gives me hope for the future, especially when they do it to dabble in a more mature sound like DnB. This drumstep tune shows the diversity and power in Stonebank's production.

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