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New Electronic Music Chart - Top 10 Drum & Bass and Drumstep

I figure that since I've been throwing in drumstep for so long that I should finally just change the name of the chart. Why not, right? At least the DnB purists can't bitch at me now that everything isn't a perfect 174 BPM. This week is pretty awesome, not gonna lie. All of the artists this week have under 7,000 SoundCloud followers with the exception of the honorable mention; a few have less than 1000, even, and one has less than a hundred. If ever followers, likes or listens were correlated with talent, let this be a fucking lesson to you. As an added bonus, a lot of the tracks this week are also available for free download.

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1. Bloodhound Gang, The Bad Touch (Sharkoffs Remix)
First up, we're gonna start fun! I remember listening to this track a lot in high school and Sharkoffs absolutely nailed the remix. It's a shame that a lot of the lyrics, and thus the humor, were sacrificed to make the mix but that's just how it goes. FREE DOWNLOAD.

2. Firebird, Desert
According to the description on this track, this one was made just using shitty laptop speakers. If that's not a testament to the innate knowledge and talent of Firebird, then how about the fact that he still has less than 100 followers? This is some inspired neuro and I'm digging it. FREE DOWNLOAD.

3. Grabbitz, Here With You Now
Grabbitz is the newest addition to the Monstercat team and, seriously, what a fuckin' debut. Just, wow. I've been blown away by the drumstep that Monstercat has been putting out recently, most notably the new Noisestorm. 'Here With You Now' is filthy on a completely other level, though. The nasty bassline alongside the sweet vocals just helps to accentuate every little effect and it's incredible. Looking forward to hearing more from him. Oh, and that outro... yeah.

4. Hansel Thorn, Requiem
Violin in a DnB intro? Love it. Epic battle-style drum rolls? Done. That drop, though? It's like some complextro drumstep love child and I want more!! FREE DOWNLOAD.

5. Yugen, Expect Us
This is what I like to hear from drumstep. That half-time beat and that dirty, dirty bass. Yugen is another unknown with less than a thousand followers, but if this is any indication we're going to see a lot more from him in the future. FREE DOWNLOAD.

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6. Courtney Jenaé, Accelerate (Sauniks Remix)
Sauniks makes it on my list for the third time in four weeks. Why? Listen to this track. If I heard this as an intro in any set, I would be getting huge chills. That deep and epic bassline, the live crowd sample, and the vocals from Jenaé, the drum build up, everything is just perfectly set up to get a crowd amped at the beginning of a set. FREE DOWNLOAD.

7. L 33, Melt
There's something beautiful about this track. It's got a little bit of liquid, a little bit of neuro, a little bit of jump up. But that weird like whistle synth that goes throughout the drop is so out there, I love those little touches.

8. Mob Tactics, Mirror Mirror
MTA Records is back with some "no nonsense drum & bass" and I couldn't be happier. This one is definitely made for the dancefloor, with its rolling bassline and catchy lead synths.

9. Paloma Faith, Trouble With My Baby (Exert Bootleg Remix)
Paloma Faith is one of those new artists who sounds like she would find herself right at home in the early 80's. Exert lowered the pitch on her raspy voice, threw in some dope drum loops, a catchy horn and out popped this funky little ditty. This ain't no moshing track, but it's sure to get the crowd grooving. FREE DOWNLOAD.

10. Dub Zero, Get Ready
It's been a while since I've heard jump up this good... 'Get Ready' isn't just the track title, it's a serious suggestion. Brace yourselves before this drop because if you aren't ready, you're going to fall flat on your ass.

BONUS: BCee - Hold On (Dexcell Remix)
The last time I listened to Dexcell was, honestly, four years ago when I was downloading all of the fresh Ellie Goulding remixes. They remixed 'Starry Eyed,' which is a shame, because no one could beat Jakwob's remix. But this remix of 'Hold On' has got to be one of the chillest DnB tunes I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. I couldn't not let you guys hear it.

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