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New Electronic Music - Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance Chart


The Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance chart is back! To be honest though, it didn’t really go anywhere, sometimes you just have to celebrate America’s independence the only way you know how... By dancing your face off! Innovative collaborations, both unexpected and long awaited, are the highlight feature of this week’s chart. The selections we have highlighted here are from some of the most creative minds we know in electronic music, and they are about to go off. Get ready to explore some powerful tunes, inspiration is sure to ensue, and we’re counting on you to really get after it this weekend on the dance floor. Let this jump start the end of the week, it’s time to party!

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1. “My Heart” 11 11
Four long years, and this unique and unexpected collaboration has finally arrived. Guy Gerber and Puff Daddy formerly P Diddy but always consistently Sean Combs have a free album set for release, and this first single of the album has got me very excited!

2. “The Tower” Velour, Broadwalk Records
Hyetal & Julio Bashmore are strong solo producers, now coming together they form a strong follow up to their The Velvet Collection from 2010. These two with this Velour collaboration highlight their love of boogie, funk and 80’s pop, and you really shouldn’t have a problem with it.

3. “We-R-Superstars” Sander Kleinenberg
Hey, he’s speaking the truth. When you step out onto the dancefloor, check your baggage at the doors, for whatever time you’re out there moving and bouncing, grooving and dancing, you are a superstar! Thanks for the reminder Sander!

4. “Chillin Out (Poolside Edit)” Reginald Garland
Poolside are the definitive authority on daytime disco, and their edit of a classic shows they are masters of summer vibes and disco good times.

5. “Lionhearted (The Alexanders Remix)” Porter Robinson, Astralwerks
Porter Robinson’s new direction is yielding a lot of pleasant surprises, but I was really surprised when The Alexanders (Yuksek and Alex Metric) funked up Porter’s latest single. It’s club ready and creative goodness!

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6. “Tough Love (Cyril Hahn Remix)” Jessie Ware, Universal Island Records
Jessie Ware’s voice stays strong, and Cyril Hahn brings his strong and great house music skill to deliver an emotionally charged beautiful remix. This is a song for lovers, so press play and get on loving!

7. “Be Dancing” Chris Madem, Sleazy Deep
Is that a BeeGees sample we hear? I’m pretty sure my ear does not deceive me, and this tune goes so very deep, perfect for late night grooving.

8. “Blue Velvet (Lindstrom Remix)” Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey remixes are a dime a dozen, but not this one, this is a diamond in the rough!

9. “Work” Headman feat. Brassica, Relish
Headman and Brassica deliver a delicious dance punk tune that is true to form. Check out Headman’s 6 E.P.I. vinyl only EP set for release in September via Relish!

10. “Talking To The Moon” Fat Sushi & Benjamin Franklin, Kittball Records
Summer vibes keep summer alive, so enjoy this now, and don’t forget it in the winter. It’s got palm trees, clear pools and beautiful sunsets indelibly imprinted on its sonic waves, and they are guaranteed fresh every replay!

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