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New Electronic Music - Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance Chart


The time for Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance is now. The groove is strong, the groove is good, the groove is alive. You better have a good attitude, because the groove will not tolerate any bad vibes this week, seriously, it’s time to party, so check it all at the door, dance it out on the floor. There are a few heaters that we missed, and so I have corrected my oversight and included two that have been around for a minute, but you’ll thank me for it. Overall, this is a very contemporary disco list, so tons of energy and great production. Before we get on with it though, the real hero of this playlist, definitely is the bass guitar, brings the gift of funk that never stops giving.

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1. “Fantasties” L.O.O.P, Molotov21
Your love is like a driveby, all killer no filler… Listen to the song, these are some fun lyrics, and the duet is dynamic and on point.

2. “You’re Not Good Enough (Holy Ghost! Bootleg)” Blood Orange
This song has been around for a while, but last week Corey Sleazemore dropped it in his opening set before Juan Maclean and Hot Chip DJ’d and I about lost it… So I need to draw everyone’s attention back to this gem… It’s a historic bootleg.

3. “The Life Feat. Penguin Prison” Viceroy, Vitalic Noise
Viceroy’s got summer in his veins, and Penguin Prison has got his voice embedded deep on his DNA, so this song is excellence on a visceral level.

4. “Smoke Machines & Laser Rays” Umut Akalin, Sleazy Deep
Smoke machines & laser rays are values very close to heart, so Umut, you had me at the song title. Then you decided to go above and beyond just coming up with a title and made a deep disco song, so you really need to stop overachieving buddy… Just kidding, keep it up!

5. “Stay With Me (Throttle Remix)” Sam Smith
Throttle’s got a hit on his hands here, and it’s a gift to the groove. Funked out and disco dancing ready, an outlier for top songs of the summer, only time will tell.

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6. “Hands Up” No Hopes, Misha Klein, Keller Music
Deep dark nudisco that demands a smokey warehouse to work properly. Essentially it will work anywhere, but I personally think this song screams the perfect underground disco banger environment.

7. “Descend (Daniel T. & Cooper Saver Dub)” Guardian
A dubbed out collaboration that has quality retro components and an overall delightful funkiness that’s very fresh. It’s a mystical adventure, with refreshing moments and colorful flourishes of a retrofuturistic perspective from decades past.

8. “Where I End And You Begin (Radiohead Cover)” Night Drive
Radiohead gets an italo disco cover? Did I read that right? Oh… I did, well I never… Except I guess it has happened and Night Drive, you’ve really gone out there and come back with something special.

9. “Stay (Justin Martin Remix)” Henry Krinkle, i-D
Justin Martin brings the beautiful, as he frequently does, but god damn this song gave me pause. Warm the heart, give your soul a moment to breath, Justin Martin, you and Henry Krinkle should remix more often.

10. “Blow Up Like Dynamite” Me & My Toothbrush, Enormous Tunes
The classic blow up like dynamite chorus is pretty sick, you’ll get infected and the disco disease will take you down, only to bring you back as a funked out zombie. It sound worse than it really is, trust me, you’ll be into it.

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