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New Electronic Music - Top Techno List

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The Top Techno list! The Top Techno list! The Top Techno list means one thing, it’s Friday! This list, we are really covering all of our favorite facets of techno, the minimal, the french, the good, and the great. French techno is something you always should make time for, and that is why this week you will notice a few prominent french producers making the list. Minimal techno always inspires me creatively and some great songs have popped up, so maximize your mind by letting these producers take it down to the basics.

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1. “Gully (Brodinski Remix)” Spank Rock, Bad Blood Records
Can we get the album already? This amazing remix that is definitively Brodinski will do, but Louis, can we please get the album??????

2.”Los Pistolos EP” Julian Jeweil, MInus
We all can’t be in Ibiza right now, it’s a sad fact of life, so accept it. But we can listen to the amazing releases Minus puts out. If you listen to this jam, and close your eyes, and maybe drink some Sake, maybe just maybe you will feel like you are standing next to Richie at the Enter. experience.

3. “Crabs from Mars” Time Bandit & Weska, NB Records
Crabs from Mars… No sir, no I do not want none oh that… But then again, I kind of do. What a great roller of a song, mellow but thrilling and uplifting.

4. “Vision” Ateph Elidja
What are they putting in the water over there in France? Concentrated aggressive techno in liquid form? In any event, Ateph’s brand of techno will slap you around, and you will say thank you and ask for another.

5. “Deer In the Headlights (DJ Hell Remix)” Chelonis R Jones
A dark journey through the world of DJ Hell, it’s got twists and turns, and plenty of groove to its techn vibrations.

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6. “Cling to Love (Fake Blood Remix)” The Subs
Ominous and borderline anxious, but it gets after it. Great depth to this tune, I would expect nothing from Fake Blood, and true to his legacy, this song right here, I think I like it, I think I like it.

7. “Chant de Paris” Sebastian Mullaert, Ovum
While the world renowned Swedish minimal duo Minilogue is on a hopefully brief hiatus, the half known as Sebastian Mullaert is not sitting idly. He delivers up only the finest techno, and check out the guest Magnetic podcast he did for us too!

8. “Physical Attraction” Neon, MilleFeuilles
This is amazing hype techno, gets you pumped up and ready to rage. Or just dance. Or just be excited. It’s going to amplify any situation...

9. “Trigger (Ramiro Lopez Remix)” DeMarzo Sincopat
It rolls and rolls, and then feels like you have walked up a hill to behold a majestic, vibrant valley.

10. “Balaeric” Paride Saraceni, Agile Records
Anything Balaeric gets me going. Putting the balaeric sound to good use, Paride definitely yields a great tune that is ibiza ready.

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