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Girl walks up to me and says… Techno! Yep, it’s Friday and that means Magnetic Magazine’s Top Techno chart is ready to light the final workday of the week on fire. Tiga really let loose a huge tune… He’s killing it this year. This week we have an all star list of some of the top musicians in the techno hustle. Pay attention, be professional, do you think this is a game? It's serious business! Just listen to all the greatness… It’s a good time to take note of all this damn good techno!

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1. “Bugatti” Tiga, Turbo Recordings
It’s got attitude, it’s got comedy, it’s got sexual tension… It’s everything you could hope for in a tune from the god of techno that is Tiga. This song is going to stick with you.

2. “Tangents” Simian Mobile Disco, Anti, Inc.
Simian Mobile Disco put out yet another beautiful tune, it has their sound, but it sounds a bit more melodic than their recent works. I love the vastness present with creative use of reverb.

3. “Imprint of Pleasure (Coyu Remix)” Tube & Berger, Suara
The Big Cat is crushing Ibiza, and he absolutely crushed this remix. Coyu is having one hell of a summer, and let’s hope he keeps it up and never stops. Meoooooooowwww!

4. “Splash” Benoit & Sergio, Visionquest
Darker than your usual Benoit & Sergio fare, but it’s very bouncy and all about the fun. Innovative and eclectic sampling, keeps my interest focused and the whole song moving along at a great pace. I dig it, very cinematic. Benoit & Sergio, you crush it yet again!

5. “Flange” Danny Daze, Ellum
A definitive Ellum release… Bold, epic, experimental and overall beautiful.

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6. “INeedU” Rockwell, Shogun Audio
For some reason, all of the different genres used in this tune all came together and made it feel very appropriate to be included in the techno chart. Maybe it was the acid house, or maybe the fact that it is a bold experimentation that pays off! Bravo Rockwell!

7. “Pioneers of Nothing” Huoratron
Throbbing techno and acid house elements dance an evil dance together, getting after you to rip your face off. This song has ferocity to it… Huoratron always gives me a slight scare, but it only draws me deeper and deeper...

8. “Apt” Ambivalent & Michael L Penman, Tronic Music
All about the finesse, Ambivalent & Michael L Penman deliver a groover, once you press play, turn off your mind. Your body will handle the rest...

9. “Persistence Of Vision (Re.You Remix)” Rodriguez Jr., Mobilee Records
Be careful with the hypnotic quality with this song, it’ll take you away, and you’ll come to not knowing exactly what you’ve been doing for its duration. Although, you won’t have any regrets, the song takes you to an amazing place full of great techno..

10. “Exit” Dubfire feat. Miss Kittin, SCI+TEC
I don’t need to say much, I just need to say that it’s Dubfire and Miss Kittin, you know it’s the best.

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