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New Progressive House: Dirty South - Unbreakable

Dirty South is in a pastel state of mind. His dreamy new track “Unbreakable” is the first release from his new album and it comes alongside a new artistic vision.

The new track melts sunset synths over warm, soothing vocals. It is of the same spirited variety as several Swedish House Mafia tracks and previous Dirty South singles “Gods” and “Until the End”. The difference here is that the new track avoids a heavy drop, choosing instead to drift deeper into the euphoric abyss, blurring the line even further between EDM, pop, and Bono balladry.

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As atmospheric as all this is, it’s only a small part of the artistic vision behind the new album due out later this year. Dirty South has written, directed, and shot a short film which will accompany the release.

Listen to “Unbreakable” above and look for it in August ahead of the new album.

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