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New Rekordbox 3.0 Software From Pioneer Is Better, Faster, Stronger, And More Accessible

New Rekordbox 3.0 Software From Pioneer Offers Performance, Speed, and Accessibility

Rekordbox 3.0 delivers a friendly yet powerful platform to DJ software.

Cutting corners in all the right ways is Pioneer’s newest Software, Rekordbox 3.0. Intuitive, customizable, and lightning-fast, Rekordbox 3.0 sets a new standard for DJ software. With features like a custom-criteria search engine and an enhanced beat-mapping algorithm, 3.0 promises great things for DJs looking for a no-nonsense platform for their music. The custom-criteria search engine allows you to search for songs based on anything, including custom tags and categories. 3.0 has made an effort to make the creative process truly creative, which gives more control to the you, and lets Rekordbox focus on being the horse, not the cowboy. Unlike its predecessors, Rekordbox 3.0 also delivers simplicity without dumbing anything down. It’s noob-friendly, simple to navigate, and still maintains the same power, quality, and depth you’d expect from the Rekordbox series.

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