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NudeAudio’s Super-M Portable Wireless Speaker Brings Innovation To The Market

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NudeAudio’s Super M Portable Wireless Speaker Brings Innovation To The Market

While at the Agenda Trade show in Long Beach last week, we happened along the NudeAudio booth which immediately caught our attention.  There were beautifully crafted speakers strewn all over the table. Right away we could tell there is something special about this brand- it’s just perfectly simple and sleek. But how do they sound? Having seen boatloads of Bluetooth/wireless speakers as of late, few have really blown us away and almost all have been overpriced for the sound they deliver.

The first thing they asked us was “how much do you think these cost?” The first number that came to mind was $200 for the large one and $150 for the smaller size… that’s about the going rate. They came in at half the of that, which was impressive. We asked for a test drive.

One of the co-founders gave us a sly smile and pulled out a black box, “this is our newest one, but you can’t write about it until next week.”

We agreed to the embargo and he handed us the prototype to take home and review.

They call it Super-M, the wireless, Bluetooth-enabled speaker, boasts true 360-degree-sound from six drivers secured in a shockproof and waterproof design—priced at a cool $99.

Super-M is about the size of SOL Republic x Motorola’s Deck speaker but sounds about 5x times better and is half the price. One of the secrets is not just better speakers but more speakers on both sides of the unit. The speaker is packed with four full-range drivers using Neodymium magnets and two passive subwoofers for a portable package that blasts phenomenal sound.

The super M is crisp at higher volumes, delivers incredible bass for its size and is water/sand proof so it’s really a ride or die speaker buddy for almost all occasions.

How do they do it at such a low price was the first thing we wondered…?

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“As with any of our products, NudeAudio’s “anti-feature” policy means we strip away all unnecessary features and focus our cost on the essence of the product. We want to put all the money into the acoustics,” Peter Riering-Czekalla, Chief Design Officer explains.

The orientation of the six drivers creates true 360-degree sound that fills a space with rich, natural audio no matter where you stand, dance, or relax.

NudeAudio’s Super M Portable Wireless Speaker Brings Innovation To The Market

You can use the attached cord to grab the speaker in an instant and hang it anywhere. Roam independent from outlets with eight hours of battery life and recharge at home with the included USB cable. Due to popular demand, the Super-M also includes speakerphone functionality for hands-free calling.

So needless to say we are impressed with the prototype, which isn’t even the final production model… so the final version will sound even better. If you are in the market for a wireless speaker that delivers across the board, the Super-M is literally the best we have ever used for the price point, size and durability.

We will be doing a more extended feature on the brand’s other speakers shortly, until then check them out here.  They are also available for purchase HERE  for just $99.

NudeAudio’s Super M Portable Wireless Speaker Brings Innovation To The Market

Key Attributes:

• 4 full range Neodymium drivers
• 2 passive subwoofers
• True 360-degree sound
• Bluetooth 3.0
• High capacity 8hr Lithium-Ion battery
• Speakerphone
• Small enough to fit in the back pocket of your jeans
• Water, sand and snow proof
• Shockproof high grade silicone sleeve and grab and go cord
• Surprisingly simple Bluetooth interaction

Availability on Kickstarter from 16th July. For more information visit HERE.


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