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Police Get Snarky With Bummed Out Ravers After "Ruining The Summer"

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Cops shutting down raves is nothing new... it's part of the scene and one of the risks promoters take when putting on a party. It's a bummer, but cops have a job to do and the promoters have got to stay on the sly, or at least pay off the right police officers to make sure they don't get shut down. It's the name of the game...

Normally, when cops shut down a party, they don't really blast it on social media - we can only imagine what type of PR disaster would occur (remember the #MyNYPD fiasco a couple of months back). Well anyway, looks like these Irish cops not only posted that the party was no mas, but also fired back at all the bummed out ravers when they were accused of "ruining the summer".

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Shows you the maturity level of some folk on here with their 'ruining the summer' & 'ftpsni' comments.

Seriously we have ruined every young persons summer in the whole world ever by telling you not to go to an unlicensed, unregulated carry on in a field in the middle of the countryside which just happens to be close to a quarry, how mean are we?

Perhaps your summer would be better if we let this go ahead and you go so off your face on drink and drugs that somehow you thought it was a good idea to try and fly off the cliff edge into the quarry. Excellent plan, I say not. Who's summer would that make so much better?

Or better still how good would the summer be if you were searched going to this and we found your stash of drugs then we took you to court and you got a conviction for drugs offences and maybe a prison sentence.

Seriously, WISE UP. I say it again if you don't like what we post on her to keep YOUR community safe I suggest you

Via: Mixmag

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