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11 Songs For The Perfect Online Gaming Playlist

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Gamers and music lovers are a like-minded bunch, especially when you consider that nerds within each category can be painfully argumentative on their respective categories. But what about finding ways to connect the dots between the two? These electronic gems from the past eight months have fixation-like qualities that are sure to improve your game, no matter what it is.

You can look a wide variety of games from karaoke style (Rock Band 2) to musical on-rails shooters (Rez), and while those games are great with top-notch music—which is not always the case —what about those where you can actively create a soundtrack for them?

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There are specific types of games that require a bit more concentration and skill to succeed. For instance, mixing the right sounds with an experience like poker allows the player to avoid outside distractions and truly focus. It's no wonder then, that PokerNews once reported that music can actually improve your game, whether you play online or in actual casinos, or a hybrid of the two.

BetFair offers players the opportunity to play Texas Hold'em in a live casino with a dealer and other players. It's easy to imagine the right groove—or grooves, for that matter—keeping your mind relaxed, steady, and poised to win the hand.

Hopefully this set of songs bodes well for your next gaming session, and who knows, maybe you'll get a new artist or two as a result. Check out our recent interview with the LA beat queen, for anyone looking to learn more about TOKiMONSTA.


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