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Spotlight: Musical Noize Releases Harvel B & Lumberjack "Kheops"

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Italian record label Musical Noize has just released Harvel B & Lumberjack's new track "Kheops". The track starts off with relentless drums, building the anticipation until it drops into a marching, stomping breakdown. Think about picking up these tracks if you're a fan of the big room, electro house music sounds.

Musical Noize is an independent electronic music label from Italy established in 2013. Its primary mission is to promote talents from all around the world such as: Luca Pink, Kris McLachlan, Massive Vibes and many more. The target mainly focuses on progressive house, dutch house and electro house but is ready to open up to deep house, tech house, dubstep and trance. This year, they have also launched Musical Noize Deep, which focuses on more after hours, club type sounds.

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You can purchase "Kheops" on iTunes and Beatport.

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