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The Weekly Debrief Breaks Down All The EDM News - 2014 July 22nd

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This week's Dee-Brief breaks down all the EDM news this past week.

Well if you are that lady that just loves to dress up, find out the latest on DIY makeup and love YouTube you should be familiar with Michelle Phan. This YouTube makeup sensation has garnered over 770 million views on her makeup tips and tutorials. How does this fit in with EDM? Well, it turns out that Phan was using music from artists like Kaskade and deadmau5 in her videos, without authorization. Ultra Records, the legal owners of some of these tracks slapped a lawsuit on Phan, asking for ALL of her profits. Greedy Ultra? I could see getting a percentage to be fair. No bueno. The twist is…  Kaskade goes to Twitter to support Phan by saying that “Copyright law is a dinosaur, ill-suited for the landscape of today’s media.”


Michelle Phan Twitter

In other EDM news, Soundcloud seems to hold the main reigns while they negotiate with the top record labels with a little bait and fish, offering a small ownership if they don’t take SoundCloud to court for copyright infringement. Universal, Sony and Warner Bros. have not commented.  Bartering licensing agreements for share/stake in the company is not uncommon and quite lucrative in today’s music tech apps, such as Spotify, Vevo, Beats by Dre and YouTube. It goes to show you that even this generation’s attempt of “power to the people", when big brother pounces it’s all just another controlled, regulated substance.

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Changing the subject to something more appealing --Mad props to one of the industry insiders, production designer Stephen Lieberman. When you go to those eye-engaging festivals that entrance you with the cool exhibits, laser shows, and cool video back drops he’s THAT guy.  His work can be seen at a lot of the major festivals and too many nightclubs to count. I would love to know which exhibits were his favorite, as the interview didn't touch on that. Yo, Steve! Can you let us know?

Laidback Luke is just that, laaaaidddback, in a recent interview. He stops drinking alcohol, gives respect to Avicii (he was that 16 yr old kid that once handed LL his demo), and just keeps it pretty chill, open and real.

Leaving this week with Frank Ocean's “Thinkin Bout You” remixed by Planet Neutral (an alias for dubstep DJ Getter- who knew he could be so smooth?).

And as always, in the ebb and flow of dance music, keep calm and dance. (FYI) Last week's Dee-Brief is here.


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