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Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week- July 7th 2014

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Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week- July 7th 2014

With the 4th of July 3-day weekend extravaganza behind us, we enter into the second half of Summer. Now that the fireworks are over, we all need to step up our efforts to make sure the neighbors never get a good night’s sleep again. Here are ten of the heaviest tracks from the past two weeks to make that weird person at the end of the block who always glares at you when you drive by hate you even more. Dig in.


1. Outdream, “Fallin’”

This song pumps up the feelings like few I’ve ever heard. The seamless mix of organic and digital elements is simply jaw-dropping.

2. Bassnectar, “The Future feat. Jenna Sousa”

Front to back, Bassnectar’s new release is pretty stunning. His mastery of creating thick and enveloping atmospheres shows perfectly in this tune.

3. Naked Fish, “Displaced”

This song is HEAVY. The melancholic chords get you hooked pretty quickly, and set the stage perfectly for the suffocating bass at the drop.

4. Datsik, “Automatik (Bear Grillz Remix)”

Bear Grillz is a rising name in dubstep, and for good reason. The Bear comes out of hibernation again to bring us a shoulder strutting remix of an already heavy Datsik tune. Bear puns.

5. Borgore, “NEWGOREORDER”

Love him or hate him, Borgore has a style that no one else can touch. He’s back again with a tune that is loud, aggressive, and anthemic, all in one.

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6. Twine, “Killing Machine”

Killing Machine might as well be Twine’s name at this point. Another great tune from the rising star.

7. DJ Chachi, “Never Alone ft. Natascha Bessez (Ruxell Remix)”

I have been a huge fan of Ruxell ever since the “Rasta Bass” release, and he shows up big here again. This song reaches for your heart strings in the beginning, but at the drop it rips them out.

8. MineSweepa, “Body Language”

Dark, twisting, foreboding. I love the complextro side of modern dubstep, but I’m a huge sucker for the track that takes 2-3 bass sounds and hammers you with them.

9. Panda Eyes, “Snake Bites”

WHOOOOOAAAAAAA. Okay. This tune starts pretty immediately, and proceeds to never give you a second to breathe. The tempo variation instead of a full breakdown is nothing short of inspired.

10. Skrillex and Kill The Noise, “Recess feat. Fatman Scoop (Flux Pavillion Remix)”

I know all the cool kids are hating on Skrillex these days, but Recess is one of the best songs to have come out of modern electronic music. I was curious to see how the remixes would treat this great track, and OH MY GOODNESS. This remix by Flux Pavillion is pretty much the only way this song could have gotten better. Major props.

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