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The Four Best EDM Music Videos Of 2014 We've Seen Thus Far

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Since we’ve officially crossed the halfway mark of 2014, let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at the best EDM music videos of 2014 seen thus far (Rick Ross voice)…

4.  Duke Dumont ft. Jax Jones – “I Got U”

Ever wanted to escape to beautiful, sunny Thailand?  Just press play.  White sand beaches?  Check.  Alcoholic beverages out of a coconut?  Check.  Busty babes in bikinis?  Check.  With a fantasy like this, who cares if you look like some strange alien creature in the process…

3.  Dillon Francis & DJ Snake – “Get Low”

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The Sheikh’s of Twerk reign supreme on their plastic chair thrones in this ratchet masterpiece.  Grills.  Dollar bills.  Ass shakes that will make you go cross-eyed.  And moves inches away from the ground.  Even Dillon Francis and DJ Snake bust a move in this Arabian escape.

2.  Disclosure ft. London Grammar – “Help Me Lose My Mind”

Is it banned?  Is it not banned?  The struggle is real.  Originally released in 2013, the video was promptly removed because of its supposed glamorization of drug use.  Disclosure backed the video stating is creates a sense of euphoria where people are connecting and having a good time.  If you didn’t catch it for the 2 hours it was online back in 2013, you’re in luck.  In April, it appeared the Internet gods had a change of heart as the music video found its way back online.  This video has enough controversy around it in 2014 alone to claim the runner-up spot.

1.  DJ Snake & Lil Jon – “Turn Down for What”

Have you ever had one of those days where you just can’t turn down?  This video knows exactly what you’re going through.  Pelvic thrusts that can burst through ceilings.  Abuela boobs overcome by the beats.  And a literal facemelt.  This video has become the breakout viral hit of 2014 with over 79 million views on YouTube.  One thing is certain, you likely won’t be the same after you’ve seen this cinematic work of EDM history.

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