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Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance Selections - New Electronic Music


Thursdays are for throwing back, so it’s the right day to throw it down with Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance selections! This list, I am going to say it skews more mature, there is an education here though, for those willing to listen. People have been dancing since the cave, bold and brave dance moves have been explored, and the groove has moved with us across this globe. This week, let me tell you, good music is very much alive and thriving, we have a lot of diversity, but with a leaning towards the more refined styles of dance music. There are elements of disco, funk, and just a general dance focus on all these selections, so put on your dancing shoes and start moving towards the party direction.

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1. “Dadance” Kyrill & Redford, Light My Fire
Just two guys from Zurich that make up a perfect team like a gin with tonic, fries and ketchup or Bonnie and Clyde. Dadance is dance dynamite, constantly cool, but ever so explosive.

2. “Cocaine Model (Bender Remix)” Zhu
Bender remixes the man of mystery Zhu and ends up with some amazing groove music. Bender says there is a rumor that Zhu wrote the song for LIndsay Lohan after a romantic get away to Paris. I feel like Zhu has way better taste than that...

3. “3 Days (Nick Monaco’s Retouch)” Rhye
Rhye touched Nick Monaco, so Nick Monaco touched Rhye. Sensual and fun, this song is the one to get it done. Watch out lovers, this song is going to do something wild to ya.

4. “Never Say Never feat. EMTL” Basement Jaxx, Atlantic Jaxx Recordings
Basement Jaxx got a new album coming out and this be the first single. Soulful and overflowing with the essential Basement Jaxx style and character, although a bit more subdued, but to great romantic effect.

5. “Flicker” Porter Robinson, Astralwerks
Will you release the album already? Come on! All these singles are amazing, but we want the whole thing! Opening up with something reminiscent of the Jackson 5, but throwing in a (I think) Japanese chick sample, this tune feels like it embodies all elements of Porter’s new direction.

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6. “Fork in the Path” Life on Planets, Double Standard Records
Hey kids, dance music has been around a lot longer than anything electronic, and this song right here speaks exactly to that, and it is so sweet. The subtlety of its electronic components are wonderful, but the acoustic nature of the song overall is what is most powerful. People have been dancing for a long time, and with Life on Planets doing their thing, we will be dancing to the future and beyond.

7."Praxis" Ikonika, Hyperdub
Dance from Hyperdub is not the expectation, but Ikonika isn’t concerned with expectations, just good music. It builds and takes your hand, sway and dance that night away.

8. “Heart Weighs A Ton ft. Stefan Storm” Alex Metric, OWSLA
Alex Metric needs to be stopped, he keeps releasing tune after amazing tune! He is like a dance godzilla, and there is no stopping his beautiful destruction. There is so much passion in this song, and also so much Alex Metric. I love it!

9. “Peru Berlin Connection” Jay Haze & Jordy Lockruf, Soul Clap Records
Jay Haze is a Peace Activitist, with his usual focus away from the dance floor and deep into disaster zones, jungles and some of the worst slums, his message is to spread a positive tone of togetherness inspired by and routed in the dance scene. This song will definitely bring us all together, and keep the groove alive. Check out Jay Haze’s blog to find out more about his activisim:

10. “Supersition (C2C Remix) Stevie Wonder
Life ain’t worth living if you ain’t got that funk. C2C got down with Stevie, and they did justice to a classic.

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