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Top Techno Selections - New Electronic Music


Top Techno selections are in, and you, the reader, are about to win. Innovative and a little different this week, the selections go to the bold creators and pathfinders. To the bold and brave who dare make their own sound, walk their own path, and put it all out there for us to hear. Turbo Recordings wins this week with two strong releases, one definitively Turbo, the other not so Turbo, but much so beautiful. Give me a t, give me an e, give me an n, give me an o, put it all together, and it's time to techno!

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1. “Slow Dance (For Club Play Only - Part 3)” Duke Dumont, Turbo Recordings
Duke Dumont could not have made a more Turbo tune if he tried, it’s got that playful tone to it, but god damn the lyrics are truthful. Oozing sex, and the perfect thing to say if you want to get it get.

2. “Datum (Tittsworth Remix)” Killa Theory, T&A Records
Tittsworth goes deep, and Tittsworth does it right. The kind of tune that is at one with the groove, it’s eight minutes of bliss, Tittsworth don’t stop with these amazing releases!

3. “Satisfy (Brassica)” Bicep, Feel My Bicep
Italo Trance, oh really? You have my attention. Brassica takes it all in an unexpected direction, and a whole new world of opportunity is born. Innovators and pathfinders, you always gotta bend those genres and see what’s possible in between.

4. “Do You Love” Swoon, Cutmusic
Unsettling and off putting, but still inviting, Swoon delivers an interesting, dark piece of beauty.

5. “Road to Recovery” Clarian, Turbo Recordings
The song’s description says it best: “Drawing influence from the bittersweet, emotive sounds of deep, post-Burial UK house, ‘Road to Recovery’ shimmers with romance and nostalgia, a rare case of hauntingly beautiful, yet easily playable dance music.”

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6. “Appeggio Sample” F.E.X.
A song that whispers in your ear as it turns from evening to night, “Now is the time to get after it…” F.E.X. infuses a softness with power, aggression… Very calm before the storm, and I adore it.

7. “Body Clock” Mark Fanciulli, Intec Digital
Mark Fanciulli’s latest Intec release is tasty techno that rolls on for days in the right ways. Lots of techno fun in this one.

8. “Back Step” H.I.D. aka Hideo Kobayahsi, !Organism Recordings
The foremost authority on techno production in Japan, H.I.D. is going to sear your ears with this latest techno tune. It’s going to be mean to ya, but not too mean, just enough to keep it interesting.

9. “Vostok” Rekord 61, Konstruktiv
Simple, yet engaging, Rekord 61 keeps it minimal, but still plenty of energy, and an interesting undercurrent of anxiety that is jarring, but commands you to keep on listening.

10. “Conductor” Maxime Dangles, Dunsciat
Maxime Dangles go big, and builds up a perfect warehouse annhilator. The underground better embrace this sound, or it’s going to knock down the door. Love this, love it a lot!

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