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Toronto Duo Free N Losh Share Humpday Playlist

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Ahhh... Hump day... it's halfway to that wonderful time where we can shed the drab of the 9 to 5 and let our inner light shine - the weekend! Well our friends over at Wantickets have come up with great idea to power you through the day... yup a hump day playlist (and interview) curated with some fresh new EDM talent.

For their debut post, they sat down with Toronto’s Free N Losh- a vibey downtempo duo who pulls from some Bob Marley influences. Here's their playlist.

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Here are some words from their interview:

WT: So, I’ve heard “Lost” described as everything from soft trap to tropical house. With your creative process in mind, how would you describe “Lost?”

FREE: We don’t tend to think about a genre when we make a track. Basically, when we made that song our creative process was – we live in Toronto, and this year was one of the worst winters ever. The worst we’ve ever had. The weather was devastating. When it got nice out, we were just so happy – we were able to go outside in shorts and t-shirts and we were just really enjoying being able to go out to cottages, or just enjoy the outdoors after being shut in all winter. We just wanted to make something with that feeling of wonder when doors are open. It was super organic, too – we were just in that super crazy mindspace – we really just wanted to make some music for a time when we were just in such a summer vibe.

WT: What led you to remixing selections from Keys N Krates and Pretty Lights?

LOSH: The Keys N Krates thing – they’re from Toronto as well, so when they put out that first EP we really wanted to show them some love we just wanted to flip something and show some love for the Toronto base. We sampled Miles Davis and a little bit of Bob Marley on it. The Pretty Lights remix was, first of all – we both love Pretty Lights because he’s kind of on the same tip, he’s really into the soul and classic rock remixes. We’re huge fans of him. We got this opportunity out of nowhere to remix a song – it’s really out of the blue and we got it from a manager’s link, he asked if we wanted to submit a remix.

WT: What would you say is the key to creating a remix that really stands out?

LOSH: Experimenting and trying to do something that no one’s ever done before – do something that stands out, that’s all it is.

FREE: I think it’s not a matter of standing out on one specific track – I think you have to sort of build a signature that’s different than everyone else, then all your tracks are gonna stand out. And if they know your music, they should be able to identify it.

WT: You guys hail from Toronto – how would you say the city has influenced your approach to making music?

FREE: We’ve gotten asked this before, and we have an incredible amount of love for our city and we try to show that – but I mean, I didn’t grow up listening to music that’s just from Toronto. Toronto has influenced our sound just as much as anywhere else in the world has – our favorite artists are from all over. I love how Drake and the Weeknd brought this slow and Southern style to Toronto, which we definitely have a bit of in our music – a slowed down trap vibe – but those would be the only two Toronto artists that have affected our approach to producing.

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