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Vote On What You Think About The Acronym 'EDM'

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The Divisive 'EDM' Acronym- Hate it? Love It? Don't Care? Vote!

One the most divisive terms in electronic dance music is "EDM". Makes sense don't it? Actually we do see the challenge the term presents- although innocent enough at its roots - within the past few years it has gained notoriety as evil entities like corporations, mass media, and politicians have used the term to describe music, mostly produced on electronic instruments, that people tend to dance to.

In a nutshell, it's hard to put all electronic dance music under one term- techno is different from drum & bass, which is different from dubstep, which is different then trap, which is way different from trance. Hell, even the differences in house music (electro, progressive, deep, tech) are extensive. So to have one term describing "the whole enchilada" is really going to be tough, but will we ever come to an agreed term? Maybe just simply 'electronic music'?

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Regardless, EDM is here and now, and is polarizing our community. It seems as if people either hate, love, or don't care either way for the term. We want to know how you feel.

Vote below- We are listening.

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