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WANT: Atocha Design DJ Stand - Available In Battle Style Or Classic


Atocha DJ Stand

When it comes to DJ furniture, you seem to be limited to just three levels of design - Ikea, foldout table, or ratchet. The first being played out, the second being way bad for your back (especially if you're a tall drink of water), and the third, well, you get the point.

Enter Atocha Design's DJ stand. Made out of solid birch and walnut, the DJ Stand features the classic "battle-style" positions for two turntables and mixer. There's a shelf for you to store components, accessories, LPs or singles, and a pivoting bayonet for your headphones. If you rock both digital and analog, there's even room for a laptop stand. The rear panels are dual-purpose, for venting as well as for laptop-stand clamps, and offer internal cord access for visual clarity.

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And this just in- they've finished up a non battle style edition in case you're strictly for the boogie.  Ahh yeah...

For more info, visit Atocha Design's website. MSRP: $1495

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