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20 Tips For Finding Lost Friends At Festivals

20 Tips For Staying Together & Finding Lost Friends At Festivals

Let’s admit it: when you go to a festival/event with friends, you usually plan to stick together but you are bound to lose them at one point or another. Depending on which event you attend, it could sometimes be a musical maze. It happens to the best of us, but here are some tips that you can use that will help you find them (or better yet, not lose them!) in no time.

1. Remember what your friends are wearing. Taking a picture with them helps!

2. Make sure you have everyone in the group's phone number. At large festivals, connectivity to social media or other data may not be easily accessible.

3. Fully charge your phone prior to the event.

4. Limit the brightness on your phone to help save battery. Turn off WIFI, bluetooth, and other apps or features that will drain your phone.

5. Make sure to be specific when you are communicating with lost friends, with specific landmarks and signage if possible.

6. Send text messages with a timestamp. Messages will send eventually, but more often than not it will lag before received.

7. If you are texting iPhone to iPhone, send the text in green (SMS) instead of blue (iMessage).

8. In the event your phone dies, write down important phone numbers on a piece of paper and carry it with you at all times.

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9. Discuss a specific meeting spot in the case you do not find your group before the event ends. Arrange unique meet-up spots and times during the event, preferably away from huge crowds. One good meet-up spot that is not heavily crowded is the first aid tent. It’s proven to be a simple, easy, and quick way to locate your friends.

10. Be aware of the artists your friends want to see. If they're huge fans, that's where they'll be!

11. Don't wander off on your own! Make sure at least two to three people in the group know where you're going at all times. Always use the buddy system.

12. Look for big groups that are matching as a moving landmark.

13. Bring a totem, flag, noodle, or anything your heart desires, so that you are visible in a large crowd.

14. Wear a unique and creative outfit - not only will it help you stand out to your lost friends, but you will probably get some compliments as well.

15. Remember where you park (it may be beneficial after the night's festivities). Take pictures of the area. Remember the names of specific gates or entrances. Sometimes, "Gate A" and "Gate B" could be miles apart!

16. If you know you are close to your friends but just cant seem to find them in the crowd, let them know to look for a the waving flashlight. Turn the flashlight on in you're phone , hold it up, and wave it around so you can make sure that it stands as a beacon of light among the crowd.

17. Ask nicely, and get on someone's shoulders! It’s a lot easier to see over everyone.

18. Don't lose them in the first place! Stay together and try not to split up.

19. Stay positive! You came to the event to have fun. Don't let a setback ruin your time.

20. Lastly, make the most of it! Meet new people, see the artists you want to see, be responsible, stay safe, and keep hydrated. Most of all, have a wild night.

Hopefully you will find some of these tips beneficial for you're next event. Enjoy  the festival season!

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