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Spotlight: 5 Reasons To Not Miss Imagine Festival 2014

5 Reasons To Not Miss Imagine Festival 2014

5 Reasons To Not Miss Imagine Festival

Of the infinite reasons you should go to Imagine, here are 5 to settle the score. Of the Festivals offered this summer, Imagine is anything but traditional, and promises a unique and stimulating musical exerience.

1. Fourth Ward Park / Masquerade

The Masquerade has been a musical Mecca since the 80’s. Anyone who’s been there knows that the park’s one of the best pre/during/post-show hangouts around. Combine a beautiful venue with “mind-bending cirque-style” themes to create one hell of an experience. Grab your glowsticks and prepare to get weird at one of the best venues the east-coast has to offer.

2. The lineup is sick.

Imagine’s lineup is more like the EDM Hall of Fame. From scribble-style beatsmiths like RJD2 to in-your-face-bass-monsters Excision and Downlink, don’t miss the chance to see them all under the same roof. Imagine’s lineup is what sets it apart from the TomorrowWorlds and Block Partys, because it’s proof that EDM is very much alive, and that its roots burrow deep.

3. Advanced special ticket price is $150 (ends August 15th)

For the veteran festy, $150.00 for a weekend pass is pocket change, and if we’re talking value, it is. Advanced tickets are available until August 15th for $150.00, but will *cough* still be half the price of a ticket for TomorrowWorld */endcough* at its full price of $200.00.

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5 Reasons To Not Miss Imagine Festival

4. Infected Mushroom...

One of the oldest, most revered and respected groups to grace the electronic genre continue to push their old school sound on the “Nu-School” audience, and we love it. A set from Infected Mushroom is like a karate lesson from Mr. Miyagi, not to be missed, and certainly not to be taken lightly. If for some reason you’re unfamiliar, do yourself a favor and look them up.

I’ll just leave this here.

5. It’s crafty!

Imagine’s catering to cooks and creatives by providing space for their crafts, foods, and merchandise. For a (surprisingly) hefty Vendor’s fee, artisans, restaurants, and people who want to sell you cool stuff can set up shop. You can count on there being some next-level merch, great local grub, and something to bring home for the memories.


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