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6 Overdoses, 1 Rape, No Regrets & No Hope For Humanity At This House Party Gone Wrong

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6 Overdoses, 1 Rape, No Regrets? YOLO!

First to the boneheads at Fox 6 News this is not a "rave".  This is some tool-bro hybrid throwing a house party.  I know you all at Fox News you may think you're all hip dropping the word "Rave", but it's not that cool in the first place AND you're doing it wrong.

Now to the tool-bro that threw the party- do you have any shred of decency? 6 people nearly died, a girl was sexually assaulted and you have no regrets?  It was worth it?   A mass casualty incident was declared, sucking up valuable police and fire resources.  I'm starting to sound like Mom here but where the hell is yours?!

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Nothing is worth that... no good time, no birthday, no going away party.

Unfortunately, stories like this aren't new-  not for this generation or older generations.  But lets start calling out these jokers for who they are.  Watch where evolution has failed below-


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