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Aphex Twin Takes to Skies, Streets, Deep Web to Announce SYRO


What is that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it is way better, it is the return of Aphex Twin! The long dormant, the long reclusive, the long gone for far too long Richard D. James returns with his bold, innovative and just all around excellent Aphex Twin identity with a unique album announcement.

Saturday the internet was abuzz with excited chatter as a green blimp took to the London Sky bearing the Aphex Twin logo and the year 2014 emblazoned the blimp's sides respectively.

On the streets of New York stencils of Aphex Twin's iconic symbol were also spotted around the city, baffling and intriguing outside Manhattan's Radio City Music Hall, Music Hall of Williamsburg and near the SoHo Apple Store.

In an age of innovative album announcements from mysterious electronic music producers, Aphex Twin certainly asserted himself in a big way. Yet, taking it one step further, a URL was tweeted out from Aphex Twin's official twitter account that is only accessible via the Tor browser. The deep web announcement revealed the track list and album artwork. It is fitting for Aphex to delve deeper and go further into the darkness of the internet, always producing beautiful works that touch on all facets of the human condition and emotional spectrum.

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And for all those afraid of diving into the darkness of the deep web, below is a screen capture of the Tor accessible link.


What a return, and what excitement! It has been a long time coming, and it is time to hear what Aphex Twin wants us to hear in 2014. It feels so good to write this news, SYRO by Aphex Twin comes out in 2014.

SOURCE: Pitchfork

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