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BREAKING: deadmau5 Went On Twitter Today AND ?????

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deadmau5 Calls Out Disney Rumors

Joel Zimmerman, we call him deadmau5, threw shade on his new label, Astralwerks, just now.  That's right, he went on his favorite shit talking social media platform, Twitter, first firing off this semi-cryptic tweet:

Then he posted this photo of the dog failing to catch a Frisbee- signifying that someone over at Astralwerks might have dropped the ball:

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AND THEN, (gasp!) He posted this:

AND THEN he said this:

What does it all mean?  Your guess is as good as ours, but it's on Twitter so it's gotta be good. And trust us, Magnetic has boots on the ground, bringing you the the breaking news as it develops.

More on this story as it comes available. In the meantime, we will be writing our Pulitzer Prize acceptance speech.

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