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The Chainsmokers Want You To Be Like Kanye - Kanye Does Too

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The Chainsmokers "Kanye"

How do you follow up a massive hit like #Selfie? That's a tough one... you have to get outside of your head and think big... bigger than you actually are. And who's the king of thinking bigger than he actually is... yup- Yeezy, Ye, a.k.a. Kanye "I Am A God" West.

And that's exactly what the Chainsmokers did here. They prayed to the almighty Yeezus and received his divine influence. "Writeth a song about thine most holy, me," Lord Kanye said. And thus, Alex and Drew went forth with their commandment.

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It was kinda like Moses at Mount Sinai, but only more epic- because... Kanye.

For "Kanye", the Chainsmokers dropped the bounce sound of #SELFIE and brought back their indie progressive house influence we have all come to know and love (pause). Siren kills it on the vocals, and like it or not, when a DJ drops this in a club and pulls the volume down on the hook, you're gonna be singing "I WANNA BE LIKE KAAAAAN-YAAAAAAY!".


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