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deadmau5 "Cleans Up The Foam" With Techno Set In Ibiza

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deadmau5 "Cleans Up The Foam" With Techno Set In Ibiza

deadmau5 was at Amnesia Nightclub in Ibiza last night, and from what we can tell over social media, dropped a pretty intense techno set.

So intense, in fact, that deadmau5 wrote the following on twitter:

It looks like "new Ibiza" didn't exactly "get" what the mau5 was putting down, as he went on to tweet:

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Many electronic music artists and fans have been critical of Ibiza's shift towards more bottle service type celebrity parties.  Leading the heard of this "new Ibiza" is DJ Paris Hilton's Foam and Diamonds party which also takes place at Amnesia.

Most recently, DJ Paris Hilton stopped the music at her party so she could do the Ice Bucket Challenge and post it on Instagram.

There is no word on how many missed cue points, accidental song restarts, and bad mashups she played at the party where she did the Ice Bucket Challenge for  charity attention, but estimates are coming in at "more than a few".

Last week, a video emerged of DJ Paris Hilton making several mistakes in a set while putting on make up and taking pictures. She also spilled water on the DJ equipment, blaming fans for the mistake.

As for the music deadmau5 played at Amnesia, we can only guess for the moment.  But it looks like he recorded the set, and will have something for us to listen to shortly.

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