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The deadmau5 Purrari is No More... Sigh...


It's the end of an era, it's true. Why does god take the good ones so young? Ladies and mau5heads, it is with a heavy heart that I must report the famed, renowned, beloved Purrari is no more. It traveled the world, it angered French police, it made coffee runs, and was all sorts of deadmau5 funs.

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Although many Ferrari purists will be glad that deadmau5's purrari troll has come to an end (I mean how dare he do with his property whatever his heart desires?), but fans of silliness and good goofs will miss this bold joke. It looks like Joel has moved on to bigger and better toys, but maybe one day the Purrari will rise again, or something bigger? At least we have Professor Meowingtons to turn to in our time of grieving. We can only hope Deadmau5 has big surprises coming with his world tour...

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