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The Weekly Dee-Brief: A Recap Of EDM News - August 5th

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Tom Petty

The Dee-Brief loves to hear what other celebrities are saying about EDM culture.  Last week, rocker Tom Petty  used EDC as an example in a recent interview with USA today.  He said ‘"Watch people play records?  You take that many kids to Vegas in the summer, what could go wrong?  I knew it as soon as I saw the ad. I went, 'Ooh, dead people.' Do you need the money so bad that you'll put some kid's life at risk?”’ Pasquale Rotella took the high road in his response and invited him to next year’s event.


It seems people ALL have an opinion about drugs and music. Interestingly, EDM fans slammed Magnetic for our recent post about drug use and EDM while pinpointing that, in fact, people do drugs and party. Wow, shocker Mr. Obvious.

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Our editor, Yosh, couldn't have responded better to the insanity and delusions of EDM fantics.  Maybe it's time we step back and think about whether or not we have a problem personally, rather than point the fingers at someone else?

Kudos to MADE Events for putting anti-drug use PSAs before Electric Zoo commences Labor Day weekend.  Enough drug talk? Geesh... let’s actually talk a bit about the music.

I love it when I see a movie and recognize an electronic artist or indie rock band I know. If you haven’t seen the movie, “LUCY,” my friends, The Crystal Method’s track, “Sling the Deck” is used on the first and only car chase scene. This is not a first for TCM, as their music has been used in many major Hollywood films. It’s good to hear that their tracks are getting world attention since their January 2014 release.

As always in the ebb and flow of dance music, I will bring you the good, the bad and ugly next week. If you missed my dedicated post to the n00b, click on the link.

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